What Kind of Remodeling Experience Do You Want?

Professional. Communication & Design Driven.

With a Network of Best-In-Class Tradespeople and Suppliers.

Remodeling is a high-stakes game, and you should have high standards. You simply cannot afford to hire a novice firm who fails to grasp the importance of your goals. You need personal attention from a seasoned pro.

You don't have to tolerate sloppy, unprincipled business practices or poor communication.

You don't have to risk dealing with bumbling, excuse-ridden management habits that leave you and your family choking on dust and waiting for answers from an absentee work crew.

GRC Remodel offers the real thing, the remodeling "success story" that only 1 in 10 home-improvement buyers can lay claim to:

  • A gorgeous design that expresses your needs and desire for comfort and function
  • A project with a real and functional budget that is delivered on time & as promised
  • Confidence that your time and money will not be misspent

These things are within reach, but only if you really grasp the importance of finding the right "fit" between your home, family, and the remodeling contractor you hire.

It begins and ends with honest, open communication.

I'll share with you my hard-won expertise and insight into the home remodeling experience, so that you can get comfortable making informed decisions, and explore your vision in a respectful and collaborative manner. 

We have had a great experience with GRC [Remodel].  The new spaces added to the house have made us very happy and allowed us to enjoy and "fit" in our home again. We all love having our own bathrooms. I got mine back. Thanks!

Ruth M., Durham

GRC Remodel is driven by long term relationships to our customers, vendors, and tradespeople. In a typical year, we expect no less than 40% of our sales to come from existing clients... folks like you who value a professional approach and personal attention. That's the way we've operated since 2004, and it's working great for everybody.

Here's the sort of cherished feedback we get from the long term clients who've honored us with multiple projects:

We had no concerns because we trust Ajax to handle whatever comes up.

Duncan Y., Durham

This is what we always strive for: the kind of service where our clients have  
"No Concerns".

 Let's talk about your project.