Your Kitchen Ideas and the Kitchen Designer + Remodeler Team

The Best Kitchen Ideas Are Collaborative

If you’ve decided that a kitchen remodel is in your future, your next move is to assemble a team. This article unpacks some important issues that will bolster your chances for engaging the right people early on, to develop a successful game plan.

Hands down, the number one factor in getting a great result (and having fun) on your kitchen remodel is this:

kitchen ideas Durham NC…and the way you get Adventurous Design is usually through a collaboration with a kitchen designer and a remodeler who understand:

  1. Exactly what you’re trying to accomplish with your kitchen remodel; how you want to improve your family’s lifestyle, how it fits your financial life in the house, and the feeling you’re after (in other words, great kitchen ideas that blend the form and function that’s just right for you)
  2. Your goals for the budget and timeline of the project
  3. The technical construction challenges entailed by your kitchen ideas

Getting to a place of clear understanding on these issues takes a lot of communication up front, which is why you should look for a team that has worked together successfully over a span of years on multiple projects.

Organizing the Work of a Kitchen Remodel

Arriving at a great plan for your kitchen involves four main categories:

  1. The spatial concept; how the kitchen will flow and how it will relate to the rest of the house.
  2. The system modifications (structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) set in motion by this concept  (important: this needs to be calibrated to work with your budget)
  3. The details of cabinet and appliance layout
  4. The selections and decisions for all the materials, colors, textures, and features you want to enjoy.
Ajax Woolley
Ajax Woolley, Owner

If you want to have a great kitchen remodeling experience, it is vital that everyone on the project shares the vision, inspiration, and workload for all four items. The way to make this happen is to engage with professionals who understand how to communicate clearly with each other, as well as you and your family.

The best kitchen ideas in the world won’t compensate for a lack of synchronicity between you, your kitchen designer, and your remodeler. If your kitchen designer recommends a remodeler that she/he prefers to work with, honor that. If your remodeler introduces you to a kitchen designer, it’s for a very good reason.

And if you haven’t found the right people for either of these jobs yet, but you have some great kitchen ideas you’re dying to explore, drop your email in the form below to begin a real conversation with a seasoned pro.

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