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From the moment you begin to think about a remodeling project (large or small), you’re going to come up with questions. And then you’re going to wonder “Who should we ask?”

Because your home is composed of a system of components, and because they overlap in a wide variety of ways, your best bet is to pose your questions to an expert who understands how it works as a whole, and how the parts are connected. You want to talk to someone who can help you understand your home, who can help you integrate your vision of “where you want to go” with the reality of where you’re starting from.

Blue Rubies Kitchen 2A Professional Remodeler is like the General Practitioner of home improvement: broad experience and a “deep bench” network of contacts across multiple trades (plumbing, electrical, HVAC) and specialty contractors (skilled painters, plasterers, stone fabricators, etc…) are essential to delivering results in today’s marketplace.

Working with GRC, you’ll be guided through a tested-and-proven process in one of our three main service areas:

Design & Remodel with One Firm

PrintYou could be starting with no more than a vague idea of how you will go about your project; we’ll take the reins and steer you through a comfortable, friendly conversation that leads to a great outcome. You deserve unfettered access to great remodeling ideas.

If your project is a kitchen, bath, or other interior remodel, we can spearhead the design process and introduce you to a great team of designers and craftspeople who we’ve worked with for years. You’ll be pleased and amazed at the talent, character, and sheer artistry of the specialists we rely on. Every detail of your project will be skillfully managed to achieve a completely finished room (or rooms) that will provide decades of enjoyment.

All of the work you see in our portfolio is 100% original. The kitchens you see here are in the $75,000 to $200,000 range. The bath remodels range from $35,000 to $80,000.

Whole Home Support for Years

PrintOver the years, a good number of our repeat customers expressed an interest in having an ongoing relationship for maintenance, long range planning, and phased improvements. In response, we developed a program to provide flexible solutions to the nagging problem of “how to eat the elephant”— One bite at a time, of course.

The benefit to working with a Professional Remodeler as a partner on a long range plan is that spending decisions can be considered in the context of multiple possible outcomes (since that’s how life actually takes place). Together we develop a flexible framework that prioritizes and budgets for improvements and maintenance that is forseeable during your ownership of the home you’re in. We want to minimize unnecessary expenses (such as deferred maintenance or premature replacements) and maximize your enjoyment.

Initial consultations (including discovery and a report of findings) range from $220 to $550, depending on the following factors: how long you’ve owned your home, how long you’re planning to stay, and how many major remodels (such as kitchen and bath renovations) are involved.

Pro Service Calls in a Hurry

PrintSometimes your home is going to need urgent attention: an appliance breaks down, a door is sticking, the stairwell guardrail is loose enough to make you nervous about your guests climbing the steps.

The good news is that the same team of skilled tradespeople we use on our remodeling projects are available to help. And of course, even if you’re calling for little stuff— we’re only going to send you someone we’d be confident sending to tackle the big stuff. You can have insider access to our plumber, electrician, carpenters, and just about anyone else you can imagine to handle those “Handyman” type repairs that you just know are going to be a hassle to hire for.

Pricing varies by trade and the scope of services needed, but you could have your problem solved for as little as $100, if it’s a minor issue that can be solved in an hour. Or, make a small list and get it all knocked out in a half-day or full-day session (usually ranging $300 to $1,000, depending on who we send and what’s involved).

Consulting and Advice


Sometimes you just have a bunch of questions and need some remodeling ideas or advice. That’s great, and you shouldn’t have to commit to a large project just to get your questions answered. If you need a no-commitment session, we can quote a fee or bill you at an hourly rate of $110. Recent use-cases include:

  • Pre-drywall walkthrough inspection on a new home, generating a list of over 20 items that both the builder and the home inspectors missed— these would have been covered up, hidden in the walls the next day!
  • Due-diligence inspection for a 1st time home-buying couple who, in their own words, had “no idea what we’re looking at”. A two-hour session produced a list of projected maintenance costs totalling at least $50k that would be needed in the next 5 years— that’s an extra $500 per month you’d need to plan for!

The Bottom Line

I Love Paris Kitchen 2

You home is a complex organism. You can’t risk hiring an amateur tradesperson or designer to help you solve the challenge in front of you: the cost of failure is too high to tolerate. GRC has a track record and an established client list full of homeowners like you that have turned to us time and again for great remodeling ideas and prompt, reliable service— year after year. Imagine how much simpler life will be when you finally know just who to call, every time an issue with your home is demanding your attention.

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